2021 ASU MLK Day Campaign

Project Goal: To create a visually engaging ad campaign that explored MLK’s tenets in a new way. Since this was the first digital ad campaign for the client, my team focused on an engaging, techy approach to this.

Out of 11 competing teams, this concept was chosen for implementation.

Made With


After Effects


Team Contributions

The designs for this project were worked on collaboratively by a team of four designers. Here’s the breakdown of responsibilities:

Concept message: Laurie MacQueen

Initial concept image: Samantha Ray

Visual refinement: Laurie MacQueen

Text figures: Samantha Ray, Juana Olmedo, Laurie MacQueen

Motion design: Laurie MacQueen

Typography: Samantha Ray

Printed design: Anisa Munoz

Web: Juana Olmedo

*race may differ was inspired by a quote from Dr. King’s speech at the Detroit Walk to Freedom in 1963. In it, he reflects that though skin may differ, everyone has a common humanity that is much the same.

The stars of our campaign were these typographic figures. They were crafted out of a multitude of symbols as an intuitive metaphor for diversity.