U.S. Environmental Currency

Project Goal: To show a view of U.S. environmentalism that encompassed people, organisms, and landscapes, while retaining an Americana feel.

This project won third place out of 48 design submissions.

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Rachel Carson was the author of Silent Spring, a groundbreaking book about the potential dangers of DDT to humans and the environment. She also worked as a marine biologist around the Chesapeake bay.

Known as the father of the national parks, John Muir was a writer and environmental activist advocating for wilderness conservation. In the late 1800s, he helped campaign to make Yosemite Valley a national park.

I imagined the digital currency for this project as credit card sized digital bills, which would act as an extension of Apple Wallet. With print currency falling out of use in favor of other formats, this would be a great way to reintroduce “cash” in a more tech-friendly way.