Earnest & Humble Coffee

Project Goal: To partially re-brand a local, single-source, sun-dried coffee company, and create packaging based on its African roots and production practices.

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Team Contributions

The designs for the initial concept were worked on collaboratively by a team of four designers. Here’s the breakdown of responsibilities:

Concept: Juana Olmedo

Pattern design: Samantha Ray, Anisa Munoz

Typography: Samantha Ray, Laurie MacQueen

Copywriting: Laurie MacQueen

Initial bag design: Samantha Ray

Initial K-cup design: Laurie MacQueen

Visual refinement: Laurie MacQueen

With two patterns that had slightly different color palettes for the different coffee roasts, we created packaging. These used sun-gold and coffee-brown to accentuate the sun-dried aspect of the brand’s coffee making process.

We also applied the pattern to the brand’s ampersand, and hid it on the packaging.